Always use your favorite text editor, anywhere.


I’m completely addicted to using Vim for editing text. Any time Vim is not around I feel so slow, so inefficient, so cumbersome. Thus I created Edd who enables me to use Vim literally anywhere.


Edd is a tiny script which allows to easily edit content of the clipboard with a single keyboard shortcut. In this way Edd enables you to always use your favorite text editor, wherever you need.


Simple and straightforward:

select, edd, paste

Use Ctrl-V shortcut to paste the updated text. Some applications support the Ctrl-Shift-V keyboard shortcut for pasting clipboard content as plain text. Try this one if the formatting is broken.


Available command line options are:

--last open last edited text
--list select text from history list
--shortcut set up Alt-Shift-E keyboard shortcut

Note: Shortcut has been tested with the latest gnome shell only.


Edd uses the following environment variables:

set to the text editor of your choice
path to the config file (default: ~/.edd)
command to be executed by the keyboard shortcut

The default command is:

gnome-terminal --command edd

Use environment variable or config file to customize it:

EDD_COMMAND="gnome-terminal --geometry 111x44 --command edd"

Note: Run edd --shortcut to update the command afterwards.


edd is the abbreviation of EDit clipboarD.

psss is the nick of Petr Šplíchal (author).